Jim Bruce DIY Solar Shack Blogger


Jim Bruce is the creator of the blog DIY Solar Shack. An ex-solar installer (retired) he is interested in all aspects of DIY solar projects for the home.

He hold degrees in Electrical Engineering and Education. He lives in Portugal.


Co-Author and Technical Advisor: Kanishk Upadhyaya


MSc in Renewable Energy and Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. A specialist in solar energy systems design.

Specialisms include: Solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, geothermal energy, wave energy, tidal energy, hydro energy, nuclear energy, waste to energy, fuel cells, batteries, carbon capture storage, green buildings and climate change.



Co-author and Technical Designer: M Abrar

Lead operations and maintenance technician at a leading renewable energy company.

Qualified in electrical solar energy design and installation for domestic and industrial installations.

Author of design calculation posts and advisor in medium to large scale renewable energy project/PV installations.